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for team collaboration

Management tool for product development.
Makes your team focus on their tasks and goals.

What shall I do?

The main problem in project/task-manager software that they don’t answer the question «What shall I do?».

A usual task manager offers bird's-eye view to their project: here are the tasks, conversations and files, here are the notifications about last events — try to find yourself what you have to do.

Pin-Pon shows information designed only for you: here are your incomming messages, here what you need to respond, here are your personal tasks. Every participant clearly understands what they have to do.

Pin-Pon — modern and smart but that's not its main advantage

Helps to know what to do...

First, from a general flow perspective, you will be able to see only important tasks that need your attention. All you have to do is now transparent: in this task you’ve got a question, in another one you’re asked to fullfil something.

...find the responsible person

What's the status of your current tasks, how long your important matters have been idled and more importantly, who is responsible and who needs to be contacted to move your project forwards, all your questions will be answered.

Helps take and make

You won’t be distracted by events that you’re not related to. All other background communications inside your team as well as new comments and files are easily available but will never disturb.

Made savvy S

Wonders never cease in PinPon — hotkeys, async execution, lack page reloads and much more abilities which save you time, save you money, save your eyes, and keep you calm&concentrated.

Pin-Pon UI
Project page. Inbox.

ôYou will love Pin-Pon if

You collaborate with your colleagues and make decisions immediately.

You have short and accurate approval list with your clients.

You are a customer and you need to manage outsourced team.

You’re used to saving everything in one Cloud-pocket.

You love simplicity.

ÌPin-Pon is not for you if

You love IBM Rational methodology, you love split tasks into subtasks, these subtasks into other subtasks and subtasks and subtasks and subtasks and subtasks...

You are trying to automate whole business processes of your company.

Your team cannot live without timecards and timesheets.

You are certified orthodox follower of Agile.

And finally

Pin-Pon — task management system for small teams that builds products and love their work. For startup teams, design studios, developers and even for creative, interactive digital agencies.

Pin-Pon was made by independent international team and we will be happy if you join us.

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